Comments from the heart

My experience here has been met with honest and sincere care for my mental well being. I have gone through numerous challenges in my everyday life practically unscathed thanks to Angie. Her ability to empathize with her clients and together work with them to find solutions that best fit the circumstances. I believe that is what sets her apart from other counselors. I highly recommend Positive Focused Healing Coaching to all who would benefit from Angela's expertise. D. Tippen

I had been housebound for 8 years prior to working with Angie. In a short time she had me going places and leaving the house. She helped me get my life back. I was sleeping better, eating better and getting out of the house again. She even drove to my house for therapy, adjusting her schedule to fit my needs. I am so grateful to her for all she has done to help me get my life back. L. Richard

I have been a client of Angie's for almost a year. I injured my back at work and after 6 months of physical therapy, it wasn't getting any better. I was hesitant at first, not knowing much about Reiki. But after only a few sessions, my back was doing great. Her positive affirmations and hypnotherapy have motivated me to be better and do better. I always leave her office with a smile. She communicates with understanding and care. I consider her a friend. Anonymous

I am a former client of Angie Bagwell. She helped me to heal and sever coping mechanisms that were necessary to survive as a child. They became hinderances as an adult and were affecting both personal and professional life. I highly recommend her. I am no longer suffering anxiety attacks and PTSD episodes have diminished. I now have tools to use when a life situation triggers these. I'm sleeping again and enjoying life. Thank You Angie! L. Murphy

I suffer from PTSD from a car accident and after our session,I was so relaxed on the car ride home, I almost fell asleep. Normally I would have been very nervous while my husband drove us home. Not today. The hypnosis and reiki session was truly uplifting. Thank You so very much! T. Merry

I have noticed the reiki gives more mind clarity and has helped with my headaches. It has also freed up pain and pain points in my body. Altogether it has left me more energized and with less overall pain,

G. Bellow

When Angie does Reiki with me it's the only time I can totally relax. My tension just melts away. My husband can always tell when I have had a session with Angie :)


"My distance healing was done by Angie on the 19th and I am feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually happier. January was a tough month with the pain I was dealing with. After healing work with Angie, I feel much better"