This is a picture of me next to one of my "signs" I have in my office. I have many :). All reminders for ways to positively approach life. It is easy to do so when times are going well, but it is difficult during times of suffering. However, these tough times can sometimes bring with it so much positive learning and we all know that difficult times will pass. This is the ebb and flow of life. If we learn to flow with life instead of resisting what is, then your journey will probably be alot smoother. But what about when terrible things happen to us, like abuse? I as well as several of my clients are trauma survivors and it is difficult to not fall into victim consciousness. Being a victim of any kind of abuse is very difficult to endure and can leave deep emotional scars. Healing occurs throughout one's lifetime. Some choose to seek support to help them through this process. It is much easier than going it alone. A good therapist trained in this specific issue would be a good choice. As I said, I also have a trauma background personally as well as professionally. I share this with my clients so that they understand their therapist "gets it". I share what I think would be helpful for my client. We as counselors are taught to be very careful about not disclosing too much personal information with our clients. While I understand that boundaries are important, I believe by being authentic in our therapeutic relationship, it will assist my clients in their healing process.I have come to know that one of the positive things that come out of being a "victim" is that you become strong. You know that saying "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger?". It is true. I find it odd that I personally have had trouble feeling strong due to my past. But to go through the things I have, I am as tough as nails. Ha! What I have been working on is reflecting this to the world. I choose to own my inner Phoenix Goddess! I hope you do too :)


Hope you find yourselves well. It has been a powerful week for me. I have been in the zone, so to speak. One of my rhymes is "I stay in the zone so my gifts I hone" TM I am a counselor and healing coach with an authentic empowering approach. I use personal experiences to help my clients feel connection and empathy.This is what helps healing. As a trauma survivor, as well as counselor/coach, I have known the symptoms of PTSD all too well. Sometimes people with PTSD try going to fast while doing things. I teach them and myself that by slowing down, you can assess the simplest way to do something and avoid mistakes, which will end up taking longer to fix in the long run. Right? Another "positive spell" from my book....."I do things the simple way. That way I have more time to play